Infinite Horizons


It has been a long time since I found the time to work on Infinite Horizons. There are a number of factors, such as lack of spare time and dwindling interest. When I started working on it, back in 1989, I had big dreams and some new ideas. Over the intervening years, my dreams have changed, and my new ideas have become pretty standard. (For example, I had the thought of putting all the rules in electronic format and making them available on a CD, in some format that would allow easy navigation through cross-references and updates when errata were uncovered. Back then, CDs were mostly just for music and software distribution, and the World Wide Web was just a concept in the mind of Tim Berners-Lee. Of course now it's obvious that HTML would be the format to use, and putting them on a web site allows immediate updates whenever a change is required. So, this idea is no longer new and exciting.) Many of the other concepts I held to have similarly been discovered by the role-playing community, and are now commonplace in modern games.

As such, I have decided to indefinitely postpone any further work on the game. I do still hope to return to it someday, although I expect that, if I do, the focus will be more on background and world building than game mechanics. These pages are being left here as an archive, in the hopes that people will still find the material in some way interesting or inspiring. Take everything below with an appropriately sized grain of salt.

Infinite Horizons is a revolutionary new multi-genre role-playing game. (Rules now available! See below!)

"Revolutionary" is a word that a lot of people throw around without good reason, but we think that in our case it really does apply.

What is it about Infinite Horizons that's so revolutionary? Well, actually, nothing, but at the same time, everything. Let us explain.

We strongly believe that a role-playing game shouldn't just be a collection of disjointed rules; it should be a cohesive, self-consistent unit. Infinite Horizons was designed with this in mind. There's probably not much in it that hasn't been done elsewhere before. What we think is special is the way they all interact.

The first example of our dedication to consistency is the decision we made at the beginning to ensure that Infinite Horizons is multi-genre in the truest sense of the word.

To gain an insight into the game mechanics, you might be interested in the design philosophies that we are dedicated to.

Hopefully these, along with the Basis Rules now available, will give you a good idea of why we think that Infinite Horizons truly is revolutionary.

Due to popular demand demonstrated by the survey, we have posted a preliminary history of two continents on the fantasy world, Kyrdalm. We hope to make a map available very soon now.

To find out what we are working on, check out the current developments page.

The core of Infinite Horizons is the Basis Set, the rules for which are now freely available for your perusal. The character sheet is also here, in various formats.

New! There is now a programme available to assist with character creation. See the Software area to download it.

We also have some preliminary information available on the various supplements currently being planned: Fantastic Horizons (New! with the introduction to the magic system now available), Modern Horizons, Galactic Horizons, cyberhorizons, and the campaign world of Kyrdalm.

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