cyberhorizons will add the limitless realms of cyberspace and the uneasy merger of man and machine to Infinite Horizons.

Included will be rules for extending human capabilities with mechanical and electronic implants, with all the benefits and hazards entailed by doing so. There will also be a long list of available enhancements, and tips for creating your own. (We will provide a forum on our web site for people to exchange designs, and the best may be included in a "Trawna Approved" area.)

Also present in cyberhorizons will be rules for creating and handling mechs, the huge body armour suits made popular by Japanimation, as we feel that they are a much better fit here than in Galactic Horizons.

Another feature of cyberhorizons may be a possible future history of what will have happened to get humanity to that point, and a description of the state of affairs (political, economical, societal, and so on). We're mostly going to write this for fun, and we expect that most of our guesses will eventually be proven to be completely wrong, but if we can include it without increasing the cost, then we will! (If not, it'll be freely available on the web site.)

Infinite Horizons

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