Infinite Horizons Character Sheets

The character sheet should eventually be made available here in a wide variety of formats, so that there's something for everyone. Currently, there are only two versions.

There is a PostScript version (100K) and a gzipped version of the same (35K) for those of you with PostScript printers, or who can otherwise handle this. It is a single page, and doesn't exactly represent what the final version will look like, but it's a good start.

The HTML version doesn't look as nice as the PostScript one, because it uses lots of preformatted text, which comes out in a monospaced font. It should print as two pages, which you should do double-sided if at all possible.

Coming soon will be a better PostScript version, a more general HTML version, Word and WordPerfect versions, and probably a JPEG and GIF of the whole thing. If anyone wants to convert it to LaTeX, let me know (before you do it, so I can make sure you've got the final copy).

Infinite Horizons

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