Infinite Horizons Basis Set

The Infinite Horizons Basis Set introduces the game and provides all of the rules which are applicable across all settings, including character creation, skills, combat, and more. Also included are all common skills and races, as well as a small collection of weapons.

The Basis Set really contains everything you really need to play Infinite Horizons.

Optional rules supplements will be available, each of which will allow you to play in a different era. There will also be optional supplements detailing various settings, for those who don't have the time to design their own, or who wish to play in a shared universe with other gamers.

Get the rules!

The complete Basis Set is now being made available through this page. Currently, all of the rules are present. The index is not yet complete and there are some minor formatting issues to be cleared up, but the pages are quite useable. Once this is done to our satisfaction, we will try to make the whole package available as a Zip archive, so that you can download the whole thing at once. Skills and races will be added later.

Infinite Horizons

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