Attribute Descriptions

There are ten primary attributes: five physical (strength, constitution, endurance, agility, and hand-eye coordination) and five mental (intelligence, wisdom, willpower, intuition, and charisma). These attributes are used as a basis for most of what your character does. Proficiency in the skills your character possesses will be determined in part by their scores in these attributes.

At first glance, the line between some of these attributes (Constitution and Endurance, Agility and Hand-eye Coordination, Intelligence and Wisdom) may seem fairly fine, but with a little thought, the distinction should become apparent.

In addition to these primary attributes, there are a few secondary attributes. They include hit points, armour class, the various movement attributes, and the optional luck attribute.

For each attribute, its common abbreviation is given, along with a brief description and an example of when it might be used. Also, whenever other numbers are based on an attribute, that is noted.

Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Secondary Attributes

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