This section details the rules for any kind of movement, from walking to driving a car, to flying a supersonic jet or spacecraft.

Everything that can move has six basic attributes which determine how the object moves. This includes all characters. Certain vehicles may have other attributes included (for example, aircraft will include a stall speed, which determines how slow an aircraft may go before it stalls and begins to drop).

The six basic attributes are acceleration, deceleration, top speed, maximum turn, maximum shift, and maneuverability.

Each of acceleration, deceleration, maximum turn, and maximum shift may have both horizontal and vertical values. For land-bound vehicles, such as cars or humans, these vertical values are all zero, and so are not given in the descriptions.

For certain vehicles, some attributes may be determined by other factors than just the vehicle. For example, the acceleration and maximum speed of a bicycle are dependent on the strength of the character riding it.

When required, the numbers for any attribute measured on a per-round basis can simply be divided by ten to give the value for a single jiffy.

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