Melee Combat

Using Two Weapons

Many characters like to use two weapons, since there is a possibility for multiple attacks, and hence increased damage. It is possible for a character using two weapons to attack with both at the same time. In such cases, separate action start and completion times must be maintained for each weapon.

Naturally, there is a down side to this, or else everyone would do it. The chief problem is that most characters are not equally proficient with both hands, so the second weapon is not often particularly useful.

A character who wishes to use two weapons is not required to have the Second Weapon skill, but it is advised. Any character who does not have this skill will be forced to use it at the default level (see the section on Unknown Skills in the Skills chapter). More details can be found in the skill description.


Disarming an opponent is often a good combat technique. It can be used to force a surrender when your character does not wish to cause physical harm. It can be used to quickly eliminate the threat from one opponent so that your character may concentrate on another. It may be used to provide a display of skill (which may otherwise be lacking) to amaze anyone your character may wish to impress with their battle prowess. There are certainly other uses as well.

An opponent may only be disarmed with an aimed attack, which means suffering a large penalty on the skill check. An aimed attack to disarm is generally about the same difficulty as an aimed attack to the hand, although the GM may modify this if he deems that there are mitigating circumstances (if the weapon to be disarmed has been designed to have a surer grip, for example).

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