Brawling is the most basic of all types of combat. The weaponry used by brawlers includes fists, feet, teeth, furniture, and pretty much anything else that happens to be lying around. Bottles are quite common, especially those with the bottom broken off to create a jagged, ripping weapon.

Brawls can occur pretty much anywhere there are two people who are angry at each other. They usually involve numerous combatants, and there are not generally clear cut 'teams'. A brawl is basically every man for himself.

Since a brawl is such a disorganized morass, it would take forever to disentangle everyone sufficiently to complete under normal combat rules. Therefore, there are simplified rules for running a brawl.

  • Start by randomly pairing up all the combatants. It there is one left over, they could be thrown in with another pair to make a threesome, or they could just be left out for a round.
  • Assuming that everyone has equal access to 'weapons', each character involved will make a Brawling check. If some characters have better weapons available, they will get a positive modifier to their roll.
  • If both characters succeed, or both fail, nothing happens to either. If one succeeds and one fails, the character who failed is knocked out.

Each round, any character who is unconscious may make a Brawling check to wake up. After the brawl is complete, all characters are assumed to wake up. No brawling damage is lasting, unless a more damaging blow was administered by a normal weapon during the brawl.

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