Blind Fighting

For a character used to normal vision, fighting when blind is obviously much more difficult than fighting when they can see adequately. This skill reduces the challenge somewhat, making it a little easier to do damage.

This skill is very similar to Second Weapon. To use Blind Fighting, multiply the character's skill level by the applicable combat skill level (ie. the weapon they are trying to use), and divide by 100. The resulting number is the character's effective skill level with that particular weapon while blinded.

Julia has a skill level of 62 in Blind Fighting, and a skill level of 74 in Martial Arts. If she is fighting in the dark, her effective Martial Arts skill level will be 45(=62*74/100).

To use this skill in conjunction with Second Weapon (using two weapons while blinded), simply apply one skill and then the other (the order doesn't matter).

For characters who are normally blind, there may be different circumstances.

  • If a character from a race which normally has sight was born blind (or went blind at a very young age), this should be reflected in their initial attributes, and skill levels will naturally follow, so the character will not be adversely affected (if you prefer, consider them to effectively have Blind Fighting at a skill level of 100).
  • If a character is from a race which is normally blind, this is reflected in the average attributes for the race, and the same situation as above applies.
  • If a character became blind at a later date (perhaps during an adventure), they will be strongly affected by it, and must always use this skill, at default levels if they don't already have it.

For any character who is only temporarily blind (whether the blindness is due to a blindfold, complete darkness, intense light, or any other reason), this skill will apply, at default levels if the character doesn't know the skill.

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